Family of Robbie P.

"A Helping Hand Home Care has done a good job of sending me the people that I need."

Family of John M.

"I appreciate that his caregivers are always pleasant to be around."

Lianne D.

"We have been clients of A Helping Hand Home Care since December of 2015.  I was first impressed with the quickness with which they were able to staff our case.  I found, and continue to be impressed with the fact that, careful consideration has always been given by AHHHC administration as to the individuals selected to provide care in order to meet the unique needs of each person being cared for. Not every caregiver can be a match for every client. The needs of the client evolve and sometimes that means the skills or physical abilities of the caregivers must as well.

 A Helping Hand Home Care has done a great job adapting staff to meet the ever-changing situation here.  In addition to that, they keep in mind our dynamics, our unique staffing circumstances, discretion, and privacy of the client and their family, etc.  It is not only comforting but gives us great confidence in them, to know the time and thoughtfulness they put into making sure each member of their staff are the 'right fit' for our needs. And in the rare instances it turns out someone is not truly the 'right fit', they have been more than willing to immediately address that.  AHHHC administration is prompt with every staffing or scheduling request that we make, be that adding more shifts, dropping some shifts, special requests for a specific caregiver for certain dates or events, trips, etc. 

I find them ever accommodating when we must make changes to how we interview, meet and greet the client, train our staff, handle job shadowing, etc. They are quickly responsive to any changes in care that are needed, communicating that to all of their staff and staying in constant communication with me as the one who oversees all aspects of the client's care. I have always found AHHHC understanding, compassionate and willing to address any concerns.  I also appreciate the advice, information and 'education' they have been able to lend me as I navigate the care of the individual.  They are quick to return calls, texts and emails and the attitude and professionalism with which they handle things is top notch. 

In eleven years of overseeing the care of this client, I have dealt with several home health care providers, both locally and out of state. I have never had the level of confidence that I have with A Helping Hand Home Care, this goes for their ownership, administration, office staff, and the caregivers themselves. I find they go above and beyond that of any providers used prior and they all work wonderfully in tandem with myself, the agency providing our skilled nursing and also with our own private pay staff members. Not only that, but they have an extensive list of local contacts and resources that they have referred me to that have been great references for various needs of the client; be it a skilled nursing care reference, medical transport, medical equipment, safety, oxygen, the list is endless. I have repeatedly recommended them to others seeking care for loved ones."  

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